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Italian Fashion Basics (Women’s)

Packing for Italy, do you love or do you hate it? We completely get it, our stress levels rise alarmingly quickly when traveling to a place where the weather is as temperamental as the bus drivers, but on the other hand, bus drivers in Italy also tend to be pretty handsome.

Regardless of season, there are a few things that should always be in your suitcase on your next Italy trip. Tissues being one of them, public bathrooms are at best ‘interesting’ in Italy and both toilet paper and actual toilet seats are optional, we always recommend carrying these packets in your purse at all times. While clothing style is to each their own, it is always wise to note that Italians love to dress up, and a business-casual attitude towards clothing is always the way to go. No-one expects you to be a super model, but there are a few helpful tips to make your trip a little easier.

Credits: Tuscan Dream Travel

Skirts, fitted pants and blouses that you can easily layer is a good way to get those fashion juices flowing, sticking to simple neutral colors and funking it up with accessories is a wise move — cute fitted jackets and blazers are also recommended. Plus remember, black never goes out of style. Scarves are a wonderful addition, to not only dress up a look but also to keep warm on cooler nights in fall weather.

Credits: Tuscan Dream Travel

Comfortable shoes are also extremely important, in fall or winter, flat boots that can pair with pants or leggings and skirts work perfectly, or stylish street shoes. Sandals are also worth bringing, providing they have a decent sole. Your better off leaving heels at home, let’s just say those cobblestones are pretty to look at, but walking on them is another story.
What to leave out of the suitcase? Any electrical appliance like a hairdryer. Different countries use different wattage systems, and you don’t want to risk burning one of your valuable everyday items. Most hotels & apartments already have them, and they aren’t particular hard, or expensive, to find in shops. Casual shorts, floppy hats, bum bags or your most beat up sneakers are also best left at home, they scream ‘tourist’.
Lastly, pack a smaller purse that you can rotate towards the front of your body. You can always get a small lock for any kind of backpack that isn’t within eye level (important). You definitely don’t want to lug a huge bag while touring daily so a small, zippered leather purse (which you can get at an Italian market) is perfect for keeping valuables and money safe, without weighing you down. Also bring an umbrella that is easy to pack, rain showers can happen at a moments notice, and it pays to be prepared, water-resistant shoes would be a good addition as well.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN! After all, any reason to be in Italy, is a good one. Buon Viaggio!