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How to blend in completely in Italy (Men’s)

Planning a trip to Italy, but you don’t want to look like this? Say no more. Blend in like a local following this simple and easy wardrobe steps.


Portrait of a Smiling Tourist


In this article, you’ll find the basic information to avoid the classic tourist look for a total incognito holiday. The task is not that simple, mainly due to Italy’s fashion bar is one of the highest out there.


Ditch the athletic sneakers

No Seinfeld look for you! Footwear is a very sensible subject to all Italians. Find the perfect balance between style and comfort if you don’t want people pointing fingers at you.



A well-tailored jacket, for men

Jackets and leather shoes are something common for Italian men. Don’t think of it as a businessman look, just combine a good jacket alongside beige pants or jeans. No matter the occasion, visiting a museum, lunch or just wondering around, these essential sets of clothing will make you blend in smoothly in the Italian crowd.



A good pair of shades are ideal to give a classy finish to your look. Not too expensive, you can get hold of sunglasses starting from only $10.


Less is more

Go minimalistic, just ID and cash for a night out, for example. Passports, Visas and credit cards should stay at the hotel. The less things you carry with you, the less worried you’ll be when wondering around. (and you will increase your non-tourist status)


Follow this instructions and you should have no problem traveling through Italy incognito. And remember if you are passing throug Tuscany, don’t hesitate to visit our Estate. Wine tasting, private tours and all the magic of experiencing Tuscany in a true Medici Villa.

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