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Innovative and fun: The Medici Dynasty Show

Everybody knows Florence is one of the most historically rich cities in the world, but there is a new way to learn all the secrets of the Renaissance’s capital. All year round, from Wednesdays to Sundays, The Medici Dynasty Show offers a combination of Florentine heritage alongside a creative multimedia execution. This constitutes a must for anyone visiting the city (and our Estate). Dive into the Medici family history to understand the impact they had on society back then, and how it endured until today.



“Almost 300 years later, the last two heirs of the Medici Dynasty are brought back to life in a multimedia masterpiece of “infotainment,” that combines digital reproductions of the family’s extraordinary and invaluable artistic patrimony with live theatrical performances. The Show honors the memory of this legendary family and its artistic, scientific, cultural, and spiritual contributions both to the society of its time, and to society today, as it has served as a source of inspiration across the world.”






The Show focuses on the Medici rule and gives spectators the chance to learn and understand history, but also to get emotionally involved. The event itself is presented as a theatrical manifestation, creating throughout an incredibly extensive research and the hard work of multidisciplinary professionals, creating and exciting new way to understand Tuscan culture.

“Such an experience presents Tuscany not only as a region filled with museums celebrating the past, but also as a point of artistic innovation for the future.”

Special seats and a 10% discount will be available for all Villa Medicea di Lilliano’s guest, alongside a taxi service that can be booked for your return to the Estate.

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